Why the (dot) LOVE

Love doesn’t mean weak, if that’s what you were thinking. Love is actually quite strong. It takes olympic style dedication to the true essence of love to embody it in all you do. What’s the true essence of love you wonder? I suppose it could be many things, but to me, it’s best summarized by the word compassion. If you want a longer definition? You won’t actually find it in the dictionary, you know who wrote that right? What I am talking about here is the love that is compassion, the ability to empathize, to have concern or care for oneself and others. It’s the ability to listen, to be open to someone or something that is different or unfamiliar, to say no to things when it’s appropriate, to get upset when it’s necessary, to see yourself and others’ authentic selves, to notice your surroundings, to be aware of how you move through the world, and to allow your heart to be guide rather than your head. There are many more examples of it I am certain, and what I am hoping is that together we can continue to define love, to point out where it’s needed and to celebrate it when we see it.

The good folks at the HeartMath Institute have studied the power of the heart for decades. There’s truth in this idea that our hearts are sending more signals to our brain than our brain send to our heart, so what do we do with that information? We listen. For far too long, we’ve lived in a patriarchal society where the individual is revered above the collective, where an individual’s needs in the moment are put ahead of the needs of the group or the future, where natural resources are consumed without concern of consequence, and where money is held sacred above all else. All these actions originate from within the ego mind. The heart’s communication has been cut off. When we restore this communication, we restore compassion, we restore love for ourselves, our community and our planet. The time has come for us to reconnect with the wisdom of our heart.

This post is meant to foster a discussion about what compassion means to you and how you fold it in to your life. There are so many ways thats the act of compassion can have profound effect on the world, which is why we are working towards making it a part of our every day, every moment consciousness. You are a part of it. Think about it. Look for it. Nurture it. Let’s imagine what this world would look like if we all listened to our heart’s wisdom.

With love.